The hidden secret behind SEO in Pakistan

Google’s search algorithm is becoming smarter every day and it seems like SEO in Pakistan has fallen behind tremendously. People are using outdated tricks from the 1990s, hoping they’d work.

But that’s far from the truth.

What has Google changed?

Over the years Google has changed countless things in its algorithm. There once was a time where you could have spammed ‘SEO in Pakistan’ a hundred times on a single page and that would be enough to get to the first spot on a search result.

Those days are long gone now and the quality of your content actually matters. Your website’s appearance and server speeds also matter. Yes, even the server speed. Say goodbye to low quality shared hosting!

Does my website’s design matter in SEO?

Yes! This is something that Pakistani web designers and clients haven’t realized yet. A vast majority of internet users are on mobile devices now, not everyone owns a desktop computer and those that do, don’t use it a lot to ‘google things’, a desktop is primarily used nowadays for gaming and workstation purposes.

Take a look at this data for example.

And this is a website that primarily focuses on games! For a website like that to have such a huge percentage of non-desktop users, Google had to update their algorithm.

Responsive design

Go ahead and open my website on a mobile device, you’ll be able to browse, read and do everything with ease. Nothing will get in your way.

This is what I mean by a ‘responsive design’. A website that can change appearance when opened on a mobile device compared to a full-screen desktop or tablet.

Google cares about mobile users. If it notices that a website isn’t shown properly on a mobile device, it will remove that website from search results for all mobile devices. That might sound a bit extreme but it’s fair.

Quality vs Quantity

This is a debate as old as time. New bloggers always ask whether they should be focusing on the quality of their content or the quantity. Unfortunately there’s never a fixed answer to something like this.

Over a long period of time, quality will always beat out quantity. As more people will visit your website and share it with their friends, it will rank better. But when you’re first starting out, it doesn’t hurt to post a few low quality posts. It makes the website seem more ‘filled’ to Google’s bots.

Google takes a multitude of things into account when ranking your website against others. One of these things that SEO experts in Pakistan forget about is the time spent on your website. If users spend some time on your website before returning back to search, Google assumes that their needs have been met and that their queries have been answered successfully. It’s positive feedback for the algorithm.

Remember that at the end of the day, Google’s algorithm is just a linear equation trying to maximize user satisfaction, among other things. So if your website does a better job of solving someone’s problem – you’re bound to have better results in the long term.

Ranking high only in Pakistan

This is perhaps the most important factor that people keep forgetting about. It’s possible to rank at #1 in Pakistan for a particular search result while not even showing up on the first page for every other country out there.

This is because Regional SEO is a real thing! You can limit your website’s region to a particular area and Google will try to focus its presence to that particular area. If you don’t set it yourself but a vast majority of your posts focus on regional issues, are only relevant to regional viewers and are mostly seen by locals, Google will automatically show it more often to that particular group of people.

Just search for “parliament” right now, you’ll most probably be shown the website for your country’s parliament, before or after Wikipedia’s article depending on your previous search history.

So if you’re trying to only target users in Pakistan, it’s easier than targeting worldwide users, don’t worry.

User intent

Did you know that Google can tell what a user is looking for? If Google thinks you’re looking for information on something it’ll try to show you a Wikipedia entry before anything else.

But if it thinks you’re trying to look for opinions then it’ll show you reviews. On the other hand if you’re only interested in comparing different products, you’ll be shown product comparisons and ‘vs’ posts.

What’s the point of all this? Understand why people search for certain keywords will help you rank better for them. If someone is searching for ‘best SEO tricks in Pakistan’ and you’re busy selling them your services, they’re going to close your page and move on to the next result.

Google notices that, and will lower your website’s ranking if it happens enough times. A better strategy to follow for such keywords is to answer the user’s query and then offer your own services.

Why are Pakistani SEO experts lagging behind?

Not all Pakistani SEO experts have been overtaken. The only people that have been left behind are those that aren’t willing to move with the times. Gone are the days of blackhat SEO.

Modern search engine optimization is a fun game of whack-a-mole, eventually Google will fix all the loopholes and they’ve done an amazing job of doing so. Content quality is more important than ever and I’ll give you the same advice I gave on my post about starting a free blog, your first aim should be to write content.

It’s a lot easier to tweak and make content more friendly to search engines after you’ve written it. Plugging your other articles is only possible if you have articles to plug in the first place!

It seems like somewhere along the line people started focusing on SEO instead of writing content, that’s a mistake. SEO is something that’s secondary, yes it does go hand-in-hand with content but it’s straight up impossible if you have no content to begin with.

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