Guide for new freelancers – Especially for Pakistanis

It doesn’t matter if you’re new on Fiverr or Freelancer. No matter what platform you use to work online, the hurdles you face are going to be the same. New freelancers from across the world face the same issues! When it comes to getting work online, your first aim should be to figure out what kind of work you’re able to do in the first place.

So you’re done setting up your profile and are tired for the day, you turn off your computer and go to sleep, hoping to get some work tomorrow.

You don’t get any work.

Be Patient

The reason you’re not getting any work is because there’s way too many people out there that are willing to work and have hundreds, if not thousands of positive reviews. You’re going to have to catch up to them if you want to compete.

My first order took around a month, and this was after I lowered my prices to half of what everyone else was asking. Writing 1500 words for $5 is how I started off.

Be Persistent

But you can’t just sit back and hope to get orders out of the blue. This is something that freelancers take way too long to learn, there are countless other people offering the same services as you, some of those people engage directly with clients while others advertise their services themselves.

Yes, people even buy ads on Google AdWords to promote themselves!

Nearly all freelance websites have a section where buyers can post their requests and ask people to apply. This is the primary method through which people are hired on “job posting” websites like Freelancer but when it comes to services like Fiverr, there’s usually a separate section for buyer requests.

Engage with your clients and ask them if they need any other work. Tell them that you’re looking forward to working with them in the future and ask them if they have more work for you once they give you a positive review.

Always Work Hard

This is especially true for your first few orders! You should always put in your best effort for all of your clients but as far as your first few clients are concerned, you should go out of your way to satisfy them. This is for a few obvious reasons.

Your first reviews matter, a lot. For most freelancers, your first reviews can make or break your careers. This is precisely why we suggest that you go out of your way to satisfy your clients.

Respect Your Clients

It doesn’t hurt to be a little nice. We’ve all had unbearable clients but at the end of the day we’re all sitting behind computer screens – it’s important to understand that emotions can’t be conveyed in most text forms and things like sarcasm often end up doing more harm than good.

Try to always be formal, just because it’ll cause less headaches for you at the end of the day.

Communicate With Your Clients

If you’re ever unsure about some project’s details, you should be asking your client immediately for their input. This is even more important for subjective works like designing and illustrations.

Because when it comes to answering questions like “was the text supposed to be red or blue?” – the only right answer is in your client’s mind. Obviously this does have its limits, you shouldn’t be waiting on a reply to start working. Something as minor as text color shouldn’t impact the rest of your work.

Why not just make two designs? One with red text and the other with blue. Most clients would love having multiple designs to choose from.

Don’t Be Shy

This too, is something that comes with practice. Most new freelancers make the mistake of either asking for too little money in return for a tough job, or they let their clients make the decision.

This is a bad habit. You should always ask for whatever amount you think is fair for the job at hand. Most freelancers do this for two reasons, the first being quite simple, you can’t get exploited if you’re the one setting the price tag. The second reason is a bit subjective, I prefer setting my own prices because of how I value my time.

I used to have enough free time on my hands to write 1500 words for a tiny pay of $5, before Fiverr’s fees. Now I’ll write less words for five times the price.

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