Getting your first order on Fiverr – It’s harder than it seems

Setting up a gig and hoping to receive your first order on Fiverr is a waiting game that many people lose. Fiverr uses a somewhat complex algorithm to rank all of their sellers, it takes multiple factors into account and ranking higher is very important if you ever plan on earning serious income. But none of that matters if you haven’t even had a single order yet. We’ll worry about SEO for Fiverr gigs later.

Convincing someone to spend money on your gig – especially when it’s brand new and doesn’t have a ton of reviews is a lot harder than it might seem at first. Let’s cover some of the many ways that people have successfully started their careers on Fiverr.

Lower your prices

This is one of the most common methods of getting orders at the start of your career. If you’re new to Fiverr – or any other freelance platform, it’s a good idea to sell your services for a lower amount. But it’s not that easy to accomplish because Fiverr doesn’t allow you to go below the $5 per gig price tag.

Writers can just offer more words per dollar but what do the artists do? How can they oversell their products? Well you need to get a little more creative with your services. Logo designers can offer more initial concepts, voice actors can offer to record longer lines, anything that would increase your gig’s total value is a good enough change to make when you’re just starting up.

Properly respond to buyer requests

Buyer requests are regularly posted on Fiverr and you can access them through the “more” section on your seller dashboard. New sellers are often unaware of this useful feature because it allows you respond directly to what the buyers are asking for.

Not just that, it allows you to send a customized message, along with a custom offer. Letting you cater and change details of your gig according to a buyer’s request. It’s generally a good idea to offer a high number of revisions if you’re a new seller, especially for art and design gigs. This is because it’s a lot harder to be objective with graphic design and artwork in general. So offering additional revisions will help you satisfy your buyers.

But you shouldn’t stop at offering additional revisions. Adding certain statements will definitely help your chances, like:

  • “I’ll keep working until you’re fully satisfied”
  • “Looking forward to a reply”
  • “Let me know if you have any questions”

Your first aim when looking for potential buyers is to engage them in conversation with you. This is true for any clients, if someone isn’t willing to respond to a message then they’re probably not interested in purchasing your services in the first place.

Ask your existing clients

You can offer them bonuses for ordering through Fiverr. Getting reviews and feedback on your Fiverr gig is very important, important enough that people offer twice, or thrice the usual amount of services when first starting up.

Offer two logos instead of one if they purchase on Fiverr. Doing so might seem too generous for now but your first few reviews on Fiverr matter a lot, most clients will easily skip over your deal if they see zero reviews on it and this is true for every freelance platform out there, not just Fiverr.

So offer additional bonuses to your existing clients if they order on Fiverr, getting those first few reviews as soon possible is very important if you want to breach into the wider Fiverr market as soon as possible.

Build a portfolio

Ask yourself one question: “Why don’t people purchase from new sellers?”
The answer is simple: “Because they don’t have any trust, since there’s no reviews proving their skills.”

So if you’re not receiving any orders, I would recommend building up your portfolio with the free time. Obviously this comes after you’ve responded to all the relevant buyer requests. Freelancing is about more than just working for clients online, if you don’t have any clients, try to work on a couple of personal projects. Doing so will help you make a personal portfolio, anything you do on your time still counts as work you’ve done in the past.

If you’re a writer then I recommend starting a free blog, for artists I’d recommend starting an account on services like ArtStation to display your work. There’s a lot of things you can do to get some exposure, while adding on to your portfolio at the same time.

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